Unlock the True Potential of your Business Data

At WingArc we know that all too often business data is trapped in complex, costly, disconnected silos. Our business intelligence and analytics tools empower you to unlock and realise the true value of your data by bringing everything together into one unified view.

Start your Open Data Initiative today by connecting to databases, Salesforce, wearable applications, smartphones, the cloud or even Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors to understand your business, your customers and your market, in real time.

No More Silos

Bring all your data together into one unified view, accessible across the organisation.

Understand Your Customer

Visualise the customer journey with data analytics.

Unlock Business Insights

Deeper understanding through intelligent analytics and full data access.

Advanced Analytics

Sensors. Wearables. CRM. Relational database. Data warehouse. Salesforce.

The modern enterprise collects and stores data from more sources and in more places than ever before. To unlock the potential of this data, you need a business intelligence solution that brings all your business data together onto a single unified platform.

Say goodbye to Data Silos and hello to Data Empowerment with MotionBoard Business Intelligence.

Explore. Build. Visualise.

We've been helping companies all over the world to realise the value of their data for over 30 years.

Talk to us today about:

  • Next generation Business Intelligence dashboarding and visualisation
  • Integration with IoT devices such as sensors, wearables and smartphone applications in real time
  • Super fast processing of huge datasets
  • World class advanced confidentiality protection

Get in touch today to find out what the WingArc Open Data Initiative can do for you.

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